You are currently viewing Our first hole in one winner of the 2022 season!

Our first hole in one winner of the 2022 season!

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Paul McGuiness, a resident in Portugal, but originally from London, UK, was playing at his home club at Pestana VilaSol when he took the shot that landed him a trip to the US Masters in April 2023 where he will have the opportunity to shoot for $1 million!

He hit the Ace from 156 yards with an 8 Iron and now he will join the rest of our pre-Covid winners on a trip to Augusta next year!

“Hitting a hole in one is always exhilarating but winning a trip of a lifetime because of it is even better!” said Paul.

Emma Rutter, Algarve Operations Manager said: “As the season picks up we are bringing our hole in one challenge to more courses in the Algarve. So always keep an eye out, as we may be around the next corner, and when you see us, play!

Pictured with Paul is course host Francesca, who witnessed the hole in one in her second week working on the course. “It was so exciting when Paul hit his Ace, I think the shouts and cheers would have reached the UK!” added Francesca.